Frag-a-mamma's definition is right, however he failed to denote that the term was first used in Vietnam and is now popular in the use of videogames, especialy FPS.
He who dies with the most frags wins.
by JrnymnNate January 24, 2003
from Vietnam-era U.S. military slang via the games Doom and
1. To kill another player's {avatar} in a multiuser game. "I hold
the office Quake record with 40 frags." 2. To completely ruin something.
"Forget that power supply, the lightning strike fragged it. See also
by Anonymous April 11, 2003
Cool, awesome, choice, sexy, sick-nasty
"Did you see that trick that guy just did?"
"Yeah man, it was pretty FRAG.
by Lord Duke Dr. Prof. Patrick II December 15, 2013
1. Taking fragments of an article, editorial or other written source and using it to legitimize your own opinion or agenda;
2. Stealing only specific excerpts from another source to support a point you are trying to make.
3. Subjectively selecting certain key phrases and sentences from someone's else's writing and using it as "proof" that what you are saying has been validated.
"That was fragged from an article in the Wall Street Journal."
"A total fragging; the original quotation implied the exact opposite of this.."
"You frag whore; you lie; you deceive your readers."
by Xradiowave April 28, 2013
acronym for "fucking random-ass grenade", as in being killed in a video game by a lucky grenade throw by an opponent.
"dude, i was one kill away from getting my chopper gunner and some dude threw a f.r.a.g."
by sthestig863 October 04, 2011
A moronic person who only thinks of themselves.
That girl over there is such a frag.
by Yolanty April 15, 2011
A member of a fraternity who is homosexual. Generally applies to all fraternity members.

Combines the words 'frat' and 'fag' to accurately describe those involved in fraternity life. Fag may be substituted for guy if you are overheard by a superior number of frags.

Fraggot may be derived from frag.
Look at those frags over there fragging up the party.
by Blar McBlar November 16, 2010

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