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To get high from using marijuana. To get Baked
-Man do you wanna go get baked?
-No, lets go get frümpt man!
-Alright awesome!
by Dr. Rodger December 30, 2008
19 8
pronounced: frumped
The state of being pissed, anoyed and or depressed.
For ushaly no reason at all...
Mainly used when theirs just nothing to be happy about.

see frump #6
kevin: is franki alright? he looks really frumpt today
Steve: i herd his parents wont buy him a mustang

kevin: wow ...what a douche

steve: ya so now hes stuck with the jaguar, boohoo
kevin: wow ...what a bitch
by Fatt Mable October 19, 2009
6 0