sure.. foxcroft girls are pretty, they are smart.. they 'may' be charming and have their life set out for them.. and ya... they must be better sluts than madeira girls... and give better blowjobs...but if the foxcroft girls are all they say above about themselves... why are they bringing thmeselves down to this level by dissing us mad girls..i mean if they were smart in teh first place, i'm sure they wouldve been smart enough to avoid urban dictionary..cus its fo cool kids... not smart, pretty perfect ppl.. liek foxcroft girls...
haha after all i am a 'mad' gal so.. the bottom line is , i dont understand why foxcrpft is so jealous of us when they say that they are soo much better than us... if they are, then they dotn even have to say it because everyoen will know.
foxcroft girl1: omg! its that madeira girl!.. do i look better than her?

foxcroft gal 2: yea sure. we always look better than them. why ae u even asking?

fc.g.1: thats because i am jealosu of madeira girls!!(shouts)...shit! now everyone knows the truth

fc.g2: oh well!.. it wasnot like it was obvious.. i mean..look at all the comments we wrote in urban dictionary.com
by 'mad'eira_asg_666 January 26, 2005
Top Definition
foxcroft girls are very classy girls, that have nice clothes and are usally really hot !! Maderia girls wish they could be like them and get pissed off because the guys wait for foxcroft girls to show up at a mixer!! also you can tell a foxcroft girl when you see one !!
wfs guy -wow look at her
other guy- ya she is a foxcroft girl
good luck you get one of them and your a lucky guy
by hahaha November 26, 2004
Location: Middleburg
Known for: its incredibly good looking girls who are the smartest prettiest girls below the mason dixon line
WFS Boy: Hey whos that?
EHS Boy: She must go to Foxcroft because shes soo hot!
by Blue January 21, 2005
woodberry's first choice...the classiest broads in the middle east with the nicest clothes and hottest bodies- they come from the best families below the mason dixon line
any boy from a boys school: that girl is hot...she must be from foxcroft
by susie foxcroft November 08, 2004
the number one rejects of the Madeira school!!! yeay for stupid girls!!!
woodberryguy1: hey foxcroft what's 1+1?
foxcroftgirl: uuuu...22?
woodberryguy1: damn girls your stupid!
by woodberryguy1 January 27, 2005
Foxcroft girls are the smartest, most educated girls in the land of the glam USA. They get the hottest boyfriends, get into the best universities, and become the wealthiest, most successful, happiest, and most powerful women around the world. Foxcroft School in VA is known for its gorgeous campus, awesome teachers, and amazing, talented girls, who are not only as smart as previously mentioned, but are also notoriously good-looking. Girls attending Foxcroft are beutiful inside and out, and know how to talk. These girls wear their polos, pearls, and charm. Their saying "classy never trashy" proves true. When these girls walk into a room, everything in it glows. Everyone is jealous of Foxcroft girls, and power to 'em! Everyone wants to be a Foxcroft girl. (Even some boys ;)..
Jealous girl 1: I wish I was a Foxcroft girl.
Jealous girl 2: You mean those girls who get all the guys, have tons of fun, and are annoyingly, superly, like, o-m-g smart??
Jealous girl one: Yeah!!
Jealous girl two: Ughh, we don't need them. They are such biotches, anyway. We are WAYYY cooler. Gosh.

(Foxcroft girls enter party, boys all crowd)

Jealous girl numer one: mmUhh, jealous girl? (Pointing to the crowd) I think we just lost our boyfriends.

"We're the girls from Foxcroft School and who the HELL are you?"
by MartiniBeanie August 03, 2009
The girls of your dreams. All the other girls schools are just jealous because they give good head, they take their men, and they get into all the colleges the other schools get rejected from. Madeira better get it straight because when the foxcroft girls grow up they'll be the ones:
#1: supporting madeira's drug habit because they are so successful they have money to throw away.
#2: performing NCS girls plastic surgery because they don't want to live if they can't be as hot as them.
#3: being the role models of Holton-Arms girls children.
EHS girl: the foxcroft girls don't need boys at their school.
EHS girl 2: yeah, they seem to be doing just fine with ours.
by foxcroftlover December 12, 2004
I've noticed a lot of Maderia girls being all like Foxcroft Girls are not as smart as us...if they were smart i doubt they would need to be all bashing other schools just to make them feel better about themselves.
Mads Girl: Oh Foxcroft Girls are soo stupid i hav nothing better to do but bash them because i have no life
by CROFT GIRL February 03, 2005
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