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Foxboro Hot tubs is a side project of Green Day's.
The names of the members weren't clear, but in a interview Billie Joe Armstrong, the lead singer of Green Day, stated that 'the only similarity (betweem Green Day and Foxboro Hot Tubs) is that we're the same band'.
Their first tour was 15th of May and was held in Oakland, where Green Day originated from.
'Have you heard any of Foxboro Hot Tubs's songs?'
'Yes! The Pedestrian is my favourite!'
by May 16, 2008
When Members from popular punkish band Green Day (aka Billie Joe Armstrong, Mike Dirnt, and Tré Cool) team up with the guys who play at thier shows with the exception of Kevin Preston, and preform at small venues everywhere under a pseudonym.
Members include;
Reverend Strychnine Twitch (aka Billie Joe)
Mike Dirnt
Tré Cool
Frisco Lee
Jason Freese
Kevin Preston
DUDE! Green Day came on as the Foxboro Hot Tubs and it was AWESOME!
by nightwishforever March 30, 2010

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