The only news cannel that tells the true story. The reporters don’t get tingling feelings going up and down there body every time the scholiast Barack Obama talks. They do not think Obama is the second coming of Jesus. They report what really happens and don’t tell lies like the other news networks do like CNN the (Clinton new network) do to make it look like Obama did not have relationship with terrorist like Bill Ayers. They don’t keep dishing out the kool aid to all the sit on their butts lazy give me welfare left wing nuts.
Fox news gives the true story and not all the lies the lazy left wing nuts love to hear.
by news junky October 10, 2008
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A pretty decent news network that tells you what is really happening and not this phony shit on CNN, MSNBC and NBC news, It also have hot babes on there and pretty intelligent but down to earth newscasters, not these college educated liberals that never ever lived any life in the real world.
When Fox News says something, it means it.
by Kyle 230 July 27, 2009
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The only reliable, honest, and spin-free news station on TV. It is completely free of left-wing lunatics, whose wild antics and bogus propaganda litter almost every other outlet of media. It is also the most watched cable news channel and home to the #1 watched cable show- "The O'Reilly Factor". True Statement. Look it up, write it down, eat it up.
John: MSNBC sucks. It's losing all credibility and its ratings continue to plummet month after month.
Bill: Dude, check out FOX news. They only report the facts. As a result, the station has beat out MSNBC every month for the past 3 years.
by The Truf 5436 June 24, 2009
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Should be called Conservative News Network, but the abbreviation of "CNN" was taken by a more credible but still not very credible Network that conservatives call and example of so-called "Fake News".
Really Overzealous Republican: Hey do you watch Fox News, it's like the best fucking channel on the planet.
Sane Person: No I don't watch Conservative News Network, goodbye.
Fox Viewer: CNN is FAKE NEWS!
by Some Sarcastic Guy March 31, 2017
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A swell news program that takes a lot of shit from hipster liberals. Even though the silly Dems own everything else considered media, they still complain about actual news being reported. Fox is not bent right. It's actually pretty balanced. Most people think it's right-wing because they're used to all the lame radical leftist media. It's strange. It has more attractive lady news reporters too.
I was watching Fox News, and totally got a chub from the female anchor.
by Fisho September 12, 2007
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Fox News attracts millions more viewers than CNN and MSNBC COMBINED!, continuing to grow as its competitors decline in viewership. Liberals, who have had a virtual monopoly over ALL the media for many years, are enraged that an essentially ‘fair and balanced’ network has emerged, and they hysterically attack Fox with lies and hate. (See prior Fox News entries here for examples.)

Fox News is comprised of two types of programs, News and Opinion, and clearly distinguishes between them, while its competitors, regularly mix the two, CNN subtly and MSNBC unabashedly.

During the G. W. Bush administration, Fox’s opinion programs regularly opposed many Bush policies. Its news was, properly, unbiased. In the new Obama administration, both Fox’s News and Opinion programs have served viewers well in exposing Acorn and several radical left Obama appointees. Opinion expressers Beck, Strosser and Hannity regularly oppose takeovers, cap-and-trade, ‘stimulus’, and ‘health reform’ as tax-and-spend policies bound to destroy free enterprise and bury the country in massive debt.

The radical left rightly fear talk radio, Fox News, Sarah Palin, and Mike Huckabee because they represent vox populi. Expect the campaign of vilification and hate against them to intensify as unemployment and debt burgeon.

Besides, Fox has a stable of impressively beautiful and brainy female anchors—Megyn Kelley, Kimberley Guilfoyle, etc. etc.!!!!
Al: I watch Fox News to get unbiased news.
Joe: Suuure you do. What’s that bulge in your pants?
by Drooler December 01, 2009
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1. Something everyone likes to complain about without a valid reason

2. An non-liberal news station

3. The reason for all evil in this world- apparently
Brian: Fox News Sucks
Chris: Yeah I heard on CNN
by TruthTooth November 09, 2014
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