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contrary to what some other guy said here on UD, the great Fox Mulder was nicknamed "spooky".

" Man: Are you familiar with an agent named Fox Mulder?
Scully: Yes, I am.
Man: How so?
Scully: By reputation. He's an Oxford-educated psychologist, who wrote a monograph on serial killers and the occult that helped catch Monty Props in 1988. Generally thought of as the best analyst in the violent crimes section... He had a nickname at the academy... Spooky Mulder."

so next time, before you defining shit, make sure you're right, huh? cunt.
by OOIOO January 02, 2007
Fox Mulder is an FBI agent played by David Duchovny and constitutes one half of the X-Files's investigative team alongside Dana Scully. Nicknamed "Creepy Mulder" for his obsessive pursuit and investigation of paranormal phenomena and conspiracy theories. Believes his sister was abducted by aliens when he was a child; this is the driving force behind his investigations. Very intelligent and well-read. Is most often the leader of the pair, despite Scully's cold pragmatism. Kicks all kinds of ass.
Fox Mulder is the man with the plan when there are little green men around or lights in the sky.
by Jsalas May 22, 2006

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