I would like to write this defintion as a response to the others. Fox hunting is not just a sport, it serves the purpose of controlling the fox population, which you would see is necessary following a little research into the issue, 'who care's?' who described it as 'in the name of nothing'.

Fox hunting is commonly misinterpreted by such prejudiced, narrow minded people as 'Andy' as a sport for the landed gentry. All I can say is don't be so bloody stupid. The majority of people who follow the hunt are ordinary working and middle class people. You are merely spouting a load of townie preconceptions that have no basis in fact, and the 'inverted snobbery' comment from 'James' further down was spot on.

And I would also like to mention that the fox is only ripped to pieces by the hounds AFTER it has been killed by a quick bite to the neck causing a death with the minimum of pain. The images you see from the RSPCA and the like (an organisation I would usually support) are just corpses, not live foxes. You may find this distasteful, but it can certainly not be described as 'cruel'.

You are also wrong in believing that the Hunt kills a fox every meet. I'm not sure of the exact figures but I would estimate that the fox has at least 50% chance of getting away. Also, your lack of historical knowledge, 'Andy', detracts from the validity of your whole 'argument', if it can be called that. Fox hunting dates back to Roman times, while general hunting with dogs as far back as the Ancient Egyptians. You are clearly making it up as you go along. Small farmers are exactly the people fox hunting protects, as they are the ones who suffer most when a fox kills every single chicken they own, or wipes out their new born lambs.

I strongly believe that anyone who takes the time to find out the facts about fox hunting will support it. The ban is an unfair piece of legislation forced through by discriminatory and ignorant MPs. Just compare the argument on RSPCA.com with the one on countryside-alliance.com and you'll see which one has no actual facts to back up its constant bleat of 'cruelty'.
Fox hunting should not have been banned, which anyone who understands the issues invloved should realise. Anyone who believes the foxes are better off with the ban is severely mistaken.
by Abi C July 11, 2005
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"The unspeakable in pursuit of the uneatable" (Oscar Wilde).

Some twats think that this is a "sport". In a sport you have two sides who engage in fair competition. Give the fox a fucking machine gun and a pack of supporters and it would be a "sport".

A crazed mob of rich rural toffs riding on horses while loudly blowing on large phalluses, the purpose of which is for a fox to be violently and painfully ripped to shreds by a pack of dogs after being chased to exhaustion.

In the event that the fox "wins" and goes to earth, the hunters, who are too fucking posh to concede defeat, send a dog down the burrow to kill it.

The "sport" was invented by rich landowners in the Middle Ages as a way to enforce their authority over small peasant proprietors, because it provided a good excuse for showing who's boss by trespassing loudly and intrusively on small farmers' property. A significant number of country dwellers oppose the "sport" because of its intrusiveness and destructiveness towards small farmers.

The Cunt ryside alliance is a campaign set up to defend fox hunting, but it is sold to its rural supporters as a general campaign to defend the countryside. As a result, Cunt ryside alliance demonstrations regularly include around 30% of marchers opposed to fox hunting.
Fuck hunt scum.

Hunts are for cunts!
by Andy April 21, 2004
When you are on the prowl but you don't want to say you are on the prowl.
The fox snuck up behind me - I wasn't even fox hunting.
by Audrey Le October 06, 2004
While most see this as actually hunting fox, that is indeed not the case. Fox hunting is most commonly done by male humans, with the exception of lesbians. It is when they scope out a member of the female human species.
Two young men in conversation-Jim: "Let's go fox huntin down at the beach."

Derek: "Hell yeah man! I need to find me a hot bitch."
by Bazzle March 09, 2005
Fox hunting was not invented as a sport or as a way of controlling the fox population. It was invented so the local lairds could ride roughshod all over the land of the local peasants and constantly remind them who is boss. Farmers and the like I know of hate fox hunting, as the hunt tramples through their fields and the hounds kill their family pets. The modern fox hunters are not landed gentry, contrary to popular belief. Anyone can go on a fox hunt. Most are townie executives and the like having a thrill playing at huntsmen. I'm not a lunatic leftie, just for the record. I think a lot of what the anti-hunters do is disgusting. But at the same time shooting perfectly healthy dogs and smearing animal blood all over your face is hardly the apex of civilized society. Oh, and let's be honest about Tony Bliar and his puppet-masters. They didn't ban fox-hunting because they are kind and caring people. They banned it because they see the countryside as Tory territory (just like the South-eastern areas of England they are planning to turn into a concrete wilderness) and therefore the enemy.
Prince Charles went fox hunting. This is the man who is constantly ranting about how nasty people are to animals? And some people wonder why the royals are regarded as a joke by so many people.
by GSmith November 14, 2006
Custom that is integral to gentrified British society - mainly because it lets you know that posh peole are out of their houses.

Hippies do not realise the importance of this aspect and the income it provides for serfs.
Fox Hunting is enjoyed by bugle players. The bugle is to signal that the family silver is up for grabs.
by anonnonononononon August 02, 2006
I cannot understand this activitiy. Innocent lives are taken. A sport is fair, refereed, this is a free-for-all in the name of nothing. Some may misinterperate this as putting animals above humans, it's not it is giving them a chance to live the life they have been given without it being wrecked.
Fox runs, person chases, fox dies. Oh how fun.
by Who cares? February 07, 2005
Country activity carried out by normal, wage-earning, mortgage/tax-paying people, but which is vilified by town-dwellers because foxes look cute and TV tells them that "people who hunt are toffs" (although why being a toff is bad is not clear - inverted snobbery).

Hunting is as much fun as it possible to have. It will probably get banned, but we will carry on doing it anyway. Much police, CPS and court time will be wasted on trying to enforce a ban, meanwhile real crime continues unabated.
The Meynall pack is meeting on Feb 19, but we are just "exercising the hounds".
by fubarderby February 09, 2005

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