someone who looks like a fox
Fox Face, y do u look at me like that, u grillin me
by Albanian foxface October 17, 2008
Top Definition
1. A sexy female gamer
2. The face of a fox.
3. An awkward sexual position in which you are bent over a piano and anally penetrated.
Hey Fox Face, i'm going to fox face you untill you look like fox face.
by penisvaginaomgsex November 24, 2008
The Hunger Games: The female tribute from district 5. Her actual name is Nikita. In the book, Foxface was given to her by Katniss. In the movie, she wasn't referred to by this, or anything.

She is played by Jacqueline Emerson.
Foxface is most attractive girl in The Hunger Games.
by Foxface July 27, 2012
Person that looks like a fox and has orange hair
"Oh look its Foxface"
by Urban_Awesome_123 February 25, 2015
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