A game you play with people when you are driving. As soon as a person see's a car with four headlights, the person yells four play, and hits the roof with his hand. The last person who hits the roof is a mcfaggelwaggel, and has to take off one article of clothing.
Gabe:*hits roof* Four Play!
Riley:*hits roof* Four Play!
Zach:*hits roof* Four Play!
Nathan: *cries and takes off one article of clothing/accessory*
by lovesboysalot July 01, 2009
Top Definition
Four people fucking one another.
A: Yo let's me, you and the two bitches fuck.

B: Fuck yea bro, I love fourplay.
by 14incher March 06, 2011
When two people are engaging in sexual activities prior to sexual intercourse
"Molly and Ted engaged in fourplay , Molly proceeding to give Ted a hand-job then a BJ"
by IFGODWASONEOFUS January 27, 2015
Fooling around before getting sexual with another person, aninmal or whatever.
kissing, licking, ect,.
by mom December 14, 2003
Eating food off of another person usaully in sexual areas
you mother fucking fourplayer ass eater so of a bitch
by Brandon da fourplayer May 13, 2003
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