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A small town located in Arizona where 90% of the people are old but the other 10% are spoiled brats. It's okay, though, because they're funny brats with sweet hair. In this magical city, you can get high without the drugs. It has many good features such as rude, unhygenic Subway workers and crazy men who stand outside with turtle whistles. Also, there is a closed down bowling alley, a Be(a)lls, and a wall that continuously gets vandalized with "SMOKE WEEK EVERY DAY."
why the fuck doesn't fountain hills have a movie theatre??
by the real ZEST February 15, 2007
A small town where the Subway workers are actually quite kind and friendly. Although, every so often they may be seen fisting each other, it does not matter, as the feast from Subway is glorious and superior to all others. Besides that, the town is about 89% population over 65 and 11% awesome. The bowling alley has opened up recently. As a "night on the town" includes bowling a few lanes at the local alley, it plays a monopoly among the recreational business industry in fountain hills. There is a magnificent apparel store, Bealls which has the newest trends straight from closeout. This town has been graced with the presence of "Just Bead It", a beading store which is hopping on any weekday from 9 am to 5 pm. The prices are low and the fun is limitless at this store where beads are not just a product, but truely a way of life.
You stay classy, Fountain Hills

I went to Fountain Hills to get my bead on.
by The Real FH January 11, 2010
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