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female sex organ ; vagina ; punani ; poontang. German origin
"Ein Gott hat deine Fotze gesegnet!" - a god has blessed your pussy!
by glasrauch April 08, 2003
German word for cunt.
Du dumme Fotze!
You fuckin' cunt!
by Jeado September 11, 2005
1. Fotze:
a german word for vagina.

2. Fotze:
a insult for a women, like bitch or slut

3. Fotze:
in Austria(=a small country next to germany) and the south of Germany also used as a synonym for a slap in the face.
(This fact can creat problems between Germans and Austrians)
1. Du fickst doch alles mit einer Fotze. - You fuck everything wiht a vagina.

2. Ich konnte diese Fotze nicht mehr ertragen. - I couldn't stand that bith anymore.

3. Willst eine Fotze haben? - Do you want that I slap you in your face?
(a guy from germany would understand that as: "Do you want a vagina?" So this would be a BIG misunderstanding)
by Ashere May 27, 2007
german word for vagina
also used to call someone a slut
similar to schlampe but a little different
swiss german equivilant would probably be nutte
du bloede fotze!!!!! (high german)
dii looli nutte!!!!! (swiss german)
you stupid slut!!!!! (english)
by slobadon milosevic April 10, 2004