1. Fotze:
a german word for vagina.

2. Fotze:
a insult for a women, like bitch or slut

3. Fotze:
in Austria(=a small country next to germany) and the south of Germany also used as a synonym for a slap in the face.
(This fact can creat problems between Germans and Austrians)
1. Du fickst doch alles mit einer Fotze. - You fuck everything wiht a vagina.

2. Ich konnte diese Fotze nicht mehr ertragen. - I couldn't stand that bith anymore.

3. Willst eine Fotze haben? - Do you want that I slap you in your face?
(a guy from germany would understand that as: "Do you want a vagina?" So this would be a BIG misunderstanding)
by Ashere May 27, 2007
Top Definition
German word for cunt.
Du dumme Fotze!
You fuckin' cunt!
by Jeado September 11, 2005
female sex organ ; vagina ; punani ; poontang. German origin
"Ein Gott hat deine Fotze gesegnet!" - a god has blessed your pussy!
by glasrauch April 08, 2003
german word for vagina
also used to call someone a slut
similar to schlampe but a little different
swiss german equivilant would probably be nutte
du bloede fotze!!!!! (high german)
dii looli nutte!!!!! (swiss german)
you stupid slut!!!!! (english)
by slobadon milosevic April 10, 2004
means "pussy" in german.
That is some nice fotze.

Hells yes!
by marshmallow.lilypad April 19, 2016
"Meine Exfreundin ist eine Fotze!" - "My ex-girlfriend is a fucking cunt!"
by doctor syntax March 01, 2016
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