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A shitty bare-bones excuse for a "social networking" site. Basically a place for ugly pimple-faced Latin-American adolescents to whore themselves and compare who was the most friends, who has the most comments, and who is more popular.

Most photos on Fotolog consist of a blurry low-resolution pic taken by a low quality cell phone or webcam. The description will usually include something like, "I'm so ugly..." (if the subject is actually hot), some emo song lyrics in English, nonsense about their friends that nobody gives a fuck about, etc. And they can't spell for shit. Nearly everyone types so badly you'd have to spend hours trying to decipher all of the acronyms and internet shorthand that they use.

Comments are very important to the Fotologger, since they obviously are the most important measure of your popularity. Reading a comment will probably kill some of your brain cells, since they are either:
a) Laughing (jajaja, aajjaajja, XD, lol, hahaha, etc.)
b) Telling people to visit there Fotologs.
I really don't see the appeal of this.

Finally, about the website itself. Your customization options are VERY limited. All you can do is change the colors of your background and text. If you're a gold camera member, you can actually add a custom banner! OMFG!

Speaking of gold camera members, if you pay $5 a month you get access to incredible features such as the ability to have 200 comments instead of 20! $60 a year for this bullshit? I'll pass.

All in all, Fotolog is a broken-ass website, low on customizability, and filled with insecure faggots. Once again, I honestly don't see the appeal in this.
Typical photo description:

salgo feo y raro xdxd pero piko 88 , ayer de vio urbano weom la pata :| si resien me desperte :$ xDD .

And the comments:

perro resien levantandote.
lkljk si tuo prOo.
io me levante mas temprano eso si.
me sake la zHuzHA en la escalera. kljlkj
xAi.>.< .

Liiiiiiiiimdýy (y)
ttta tooa puLemtttosa
estas en mis efes hojala k yo tbm
suu ftttttiiiwiii
emceriiio iia po
kuiidece mushoo :K
Bsssttttts ..
pasatteh x mii log iiaa ??

pliz paza pOr mi flOg!!

...Fotolog is such a sad place.
by 120572105126 May 01, 2007
Fotolog (s), or to Fotolog (v):

Commonplace for "putting your pictures for anyone to see and comment", originally on - a no-frills, easy to use website that allows basically that, anyone could register, log in and put up a web photo gallery with some space for others to comment.

While at first it looked like a good idea, it took 0.293 milisseconds for the camwhores to find that site and flood it with "l@@k 4t m3!!1one" pics.
Did you see that /cramulha fotolog? Awesome!
by /acariquara February 20, 2004
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