It's a cross between fit and hot. Hence, stating the attractiveness of a boy/girl
1. "That boy is so fot!"

can also be used thus:

2. "What a fottie!"
by SMAawesomeness June 04, 2009
n, (fot). Freaky On Time
You are a fot
by Geogre MIchael March 20, 2009
fucking hott, in need of sexing
All these fly breezies are so fot!
by Steven Thomson February 14, 2005
n. Perineum. The region between one's anus and one's genitals.
"If you lick her fot
she'll love you lots."

by Murph February 19, 2004
FOT- Fit But Not
A term used to describe head turning women who do not hold the gaze of single-and-looking blokes. Often a woman who is FOT has a combination of bad face/body and good body/face, she is fit i.e. good looking/shaggable but not. FOT.

Also see:
'she is fot'
'you twot'
'you're a wankot'
by Ruben June 07, 2003
Wigan dialect for to and for.
"I went town fot buy a pie fot dave"

The definition becomes
"Wigan dialect fot fot and fot"
by Jerry_the_worm January 28, 2008
Originally used in reference to the region between the anus and the genitals (female genitals specifically), more recently used to describe someone who is irritable and difficult.
"You're a fot."
"That bitch is a fot."
"Stop being a fot."
"My girlfriend is on the rag this week. She's being such a fucking fot-ass."
"She won't put out, what a fot."
"That fot-ass punched me in the nuts."
"These are some fotty sausages."
"The back of Duane's head looks like fot-shit-in pant."
by Alex, Andre, Steve V. August 31, 2006

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