The Fot is a race of alien in the Best Game Ever, also known as Star Control II. The Fot is one third of the Zoq-Fot-Pik, a group of cohabitational aliens whom invented Frungy (widely touted as the Second Best Game Ever) and just happen to attribute their entire cultural development to flaming, Zoq killing stone wheels.
Captain: "Which one of you creatures is the Fot?"

Alien 1: "He is."

Alien 3: "No, she is!"

Alien 1: "No, I'm not!"

Alien 3: "Yes, you are."

Alien 1: "Cripes! We've been through this a million times!"

Alien 3: "That doesn't change anything. You're the Fot!"

Alien 1: "Faugh! Well, Captain, as you can see, this is a point of some contention."

Alien 3: "Fot!"
by Ancient-Gamer June 23, 2004
Top Definition
descriptive word for an attractive girl who is somewhat overweight
After gaining twenty pounds, Sue went from hot to fot.
by gsp09 November 22, 2011
(n) Festival of Touching

When you attend a party where no one is afraid to touch each other excessively.
Bring your lube, we are attending a fot.
by Joenathan21 October 14, 2009
often used interchangeably with "fart"; an often noisy expulsion of flatus from the anus
He just ripped an enormous fot!
by Synn September 24, 2003
One of those hilariously disappointing farts that just sound like you flicked a sprung mattress
Talk about disappointing I was expecting a polar bears growl and just got a fot.
by Rob. Holton June 07, 2013
Fuck on the side.
"Is Lauren your girlfriend?"
"Jen is my girlfriend, Lauren is my FOTS."
by TheFOTS August 27, 2009
A "fot!" is a short, firm and loud fart, being let go when sat on a chair. Bouncing on the chair, it makes the specific sound, which rhymes with pot, hot, rot, ...
I lifted my left buttcheek and let one go, it sounded like "Fot!"
by Oleandr November 24, 2010
'Fucking orange thing'

Used in reference to a ginger haired person

Pronounced fot
"uh-oh look out ben it's a F.O.T"
"ahhhh keep it away it may be contegious"
by Spacecowboy.69 September 20, 2009

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