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A series of waste dumps on the Internet to put all those ideas any decent human being would keep to themselves.
I thought of something I wouldn't dare say out loud so I posted it to a forum.
by Cathedralmaster July 10, 2008
The word "forum" is derived from the Latin word "Fora". A large public meeting place. Similar in origin and function to other words used today when describing public speaking. "Community" and "Committee" originate from the Latin terms "Comitium" and "Comeo" and today's podium is referred to as a "Rostrum" from the original stone tribunal called the "Rostra". The people of ancient Rome would meet in the "Comitium" to listen to orators speak from the "Rostra". When the city grew larger the Roman Forum" was built to accommodate larger crowds.

Gaius Gracchus, a tibune of Rome is famous for turning his back on the Senate in the "Comitium" while speaking from the "Rostra" to face the common people gathered in the forum on the other side. From that point all orators spoke with their back to the Senate House.

Today the term "Forum" is defined as an online Internet message board section or "forum" where people leave posts with their opinion and comments. Each "forum" is separated into specific interests like, politics, news, pics etc.
"The modern forum for people to meet is on Internet Message Boards."
by Amadscientist November 18, 2009
1. A size varying gathering, mostly enormous, of simple to complex minded idiots.

2. A spawning ground/contribution for most of the worlds worst ideas
1. 3D Realms Forum or Jazz Community Forum

2. End Result : Blog's
by Raijen Tachibana January 18, 2007
A web discussion vehicle for people too stupid to be listened to anywhere else.

A much needed distraction where vocal idiots can spend their time not participating in the real decision making of the world.

Antonym: reliable information source
"When he's not watching Sailor Moon cartoons, John spends his time refuting the Theory of Relativity in the Easychair Experts forum."
by tgd January 27, 2007
For individuals to fulfill a need for some dysfunctional desire for attention or pseudo fame.
Wow some people take the forums way too seriously.
by A Vaguely Concerned Citizen September 29, 2013
A collection of threads situated on a bbs.
"Some bitch is spamming my forums, lets hax him!!1"
by ZT August 28, 2005
A database driven web service designed to provide for simulating discussion and a record of useful information. In practice, generally the home of idiot administrators, know nothing posters, and full of spam and smap.
The Driver Forum is full of n00bs, why would I want to post there?
by {CD} darkness June 17, 2005