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An internet-based Bulletin Board in which members can post thoughts and views. Based on the Roman word 'forum'.
Forums have a general hierachy:
Global Moderators
Local Moderators
Premium or Paying Members
Validating Members
Banned Members
They are alsp a popular target of hackers and crackers and a paradise for spammers etc.
Bob: 'My Cheese Forums rock! I have... 3 members!'
Bill: 'Wow, my Gaming Cheat Forums have 1003... no... 1005!'

Admin: 'The new General Chat Forum is out!'
Spammers: 'Yay!!!'
Lead Spammer: *&79847394737xjfdlshf345740rscxjds!!! OMG!!!
Global Moderator 1: 'You take the Sub-Forum, I'll take the main!'
Moderator 2: 'Yes Sir!'
*The sounds of warns and bans can be heard above the spam*
by BlueFladoo July 26, 2006
Best described as a torrent of little children running around in a minefield (users), some armed with weapons (moderators), forums are the flagship of internet discussion, spam, and flame wars.
Smaller forums tend to be more habitable, but the larger ones have many distinct and similar features. For example, within approximately seven seconds of the creation of a topic, you will have at least one reply, garunteed. Large forums also tend to spawn makeshift caste systems within themselves, and you're automatically a malefactor in the forum until you have a 4-digit post count.
A forum can sometimes be helpful, but normally they become a time consuming and frustrating thing if you pay too much attention to them.
I got banned from that forum for being a n00b.
by rtil July 23, 2005
A place on the internet within a site in which people can discuss topics with other people. A Forum is separted by topic sections and those are divided by sections called "threads" (You are the one who creates the thread, and see how many people respond to you, or view your opinion). Forums are operated by moderators. Forum moderators are usually offended by the smallest imperfections (they are usually power freaks). In many Forums, you are not allowed to swear or insult people, displaying pictures of naked people or gory/bloody incidents.
Forum located in: www.DaviesPlace.com

Topic: Politics
Thread: Bush's speech

Views: 25
Responds: 3

Topic: Pictures
Thread: Anime pics!

Views: 40,329
Responds: 625
by ZionLavaMix October 10, 2005
A series of waste dumps on the Internet to put all those ideas any decent human being would keep to themselves.
I thought of something I wouldn't dare say out loud so I posted it to a forum.
by Cathedralmaster July 10, 2008
Not to be confused with the current, trendy blog. A forum is a space where like minded individuals can contribute information of mutual benefit. A forum is a repository of data which is meant to inform and educate on a particular subject.

Forums generally are not conversational, rather, they are contributory.
An example of a forum is a Web site where dental hygenists may contribute information on technique, research, seminars and practicums, case studies, and all other manner of useful data.
by whalewriter November 22, 2005
It's usually used with a forum host, with a ridiculously long URL. Forums are used to post messages, but these days are used for support rather than entertainment. Moderators and Administrators usually moderate the forum and even use their ban hammers if necessary.
Forum administrators/moderators usually use their ban hammers too early in terms of infringing the law.
by MisaTange July 05, 2009
a place where people gather and speak an undesirable dialect of English
webpage:The forum is under maintenance, maintenence will end in approximately 3 years
forumer:Holy ****, now what will I do with my life *google searches "forum"*
by Earboxer January 23, 2009