To become a forum whore is to elevate one's self to a new level of existence. This ascension cannot be achieved through post count alone; only the pure of heart and sound of mind can undergo the transformation from a <b>forum slut</b> into a <b>forum whore</b>.
valkyre: yo niggas, hit up the 8-side for mah man da forum 'ho
kronix: say what? he be no forum 'ho, he be a forum slut, homes
valkyre: dat's whack, dude
kronix: ass
by kronix August 08, 2004
The internet message board version of the chanwhore. Examples of forumwhores include the "PM Forumwhore", who has cybersex using the PM system and the "Desperate Forumwhore" who tries to get it on with everything and everyone.

Often associated with netwhore
Whoah, Yimi's such a blatant forumwhore!
by Resare August 08, 2003
The term "forum whore" is often misinterpreted to be a negative one, and incorrectly so. The very essence of a forum whore prevents it from having a negative implication. Whilst many ban happy news admins would seek to be a forum whore based on their post count and "attitude", one can only become a forum whore through having both a high post count and an attitude that prevents them from caring about the definition of a forum whore.
Not Kronix, that's for sure.
by Deviant August 09, 2004
more forum whores...
by bob April 04, 2005
Cac's a fw, he's a mod too.
by Gravi February 28, 2005

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