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Someone who posts a lot on a forum, and usually posts soully to get their post count very high. Commonly with 50+ posts per day, a forum whore usually double- or tripple-posts instead of using the edit button.
Bob: lol, thats some good discussion that I'm gunna comment on but have no input whatsoever.

Bob is a forum whore
by Shinra07 June 01, 2006
A forum whore is a user that is known by many other users. It's not uncommon for this whore to sit at their computer day in and day out with dreams of owning mr_fantas.. err. with dreams of becoming the top forum poster.

28,850 posts
by Mastermind's Mistress July 01, 2004
Someone who has no time for reality, but lives on internet forums. They have huge post counts on numerous forums and are known by everyone, they claim to know everything about forums. The only windows open on their screen are forums.
Post Count: 19867
by Jon April 18, 2004
Someone who tries to become staff on so many forums they lose track of life. These people usually are very white in skin color and accidentally say internet acronyms in real life, when they are in real life. (rare)
Yeah, he's staff at four forums now. What a forum whore.
by Ben Dover MER July 10, 2008
Someone who spends large amounts of time posting and reading bbs boards. They may be whoreing 1 or more forums.
Dude work was dead today so i spent all day being a forumwhore
by ragein January 21, 2007
To become a forum whore is to elevate one's self to a new level of existence. This ascension cannot be achieved through post count alone; only the pure of heart and sound of mind can undergo the transformation from a <b>forum slut</b> into a <b>forum whore</b>.
valkyre: yo niggas, hit up the 8-side for mah man da forum 'ho
kronix: say what? he be no forum 'ho, he be a forum slut, homes
valkyre: dat's whack, dude
kronix: ass
by kronix August 08, 2004
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