Someone who, instead of finishing their project, writes lots of quasi-interesting messages on forums disguised as a slightly feminine cultural politician.
Some guy: How about these anal beads?

forum troll: Well I want some for Christmas!!!
by TrollTrond December 07, 2006
Top Definition
Someone who gets pleasure by typing annoying/controversial/offensive words at strangers on internet forums, for them to read.
person 1:can someone tell me how to do this?

troll: you're stupid, i hope you're not as ugly as you are stupid, then you will have problems
by igotgame June 08, 2005
A forum troll is someone who actively watches a forum. Not to be confused with a lurker, or just a forum frequenter, the troll annoys, pesters, and generally insults any thread they open.
-- Interweb : "My dad called me yesterday and said that the house was up for sale and I have to move and now I won't have any friends and I'm so sad I don't even know how to use punctuation it's insane."

-- Forum Troll : "I've become dumber just by reading this. Removing you from the genepool would not only be helpful to society, but would be praised in songs for generations."


-- Interweb : "My dad called me yesterday and said that the house was up for sale and I have to move and now I won't have any friends and I'm so sad I don't even know how to use punctuation it's insane."

-- Forum Troll : TLDR <--- Common example of a forum troll response.
by Ashent June 27, 2006
Trolls are people who want to get on your nerves. They will usually lurk around the forums and wait for an opportunity to annoy or attack a user. The best way to ignore a troll is not to flame back, but to report and move on. Trolls are no good and should be exiled.

Example of such trolls are Wintersfire, Vent etc.. If you come across these, but ignore and move on.

If you're new to Basil, wintersfire shouldn't be a problem. Vent is the real troll.

Forum User: How can I get a GF?

Forum Troll: You should first get a life, and get off the computer.
by Ashleeyyy January 15, 2009
An obnoxious user or member on a forum that goes out of their way to make pointless, offensive, or annoying posts and messages. Often these users are labeled as spammers and will post random off-topic junk in many sections of a forum.
User: I think his policies are corrupt and the only reason he remains in office is because of his financial bribes and support requests to other branches of the government. What about you guys?

Forum Troll: I think if you actually had a life, you would turn off your monintor, walk away, and never return to this website again. Of course, it doesn't seem like either will ever happen.

User: I'm going to add a new section to the forum today, so everyone please be patient as I finish this up, and please don't go to the new forum until it's done.

Troll: *goes to new forum* *posts forty new identical topics about his dog*

User: i feel so down today!!!! nothing is workin right for me. my boyfriend dumped me, it's pouring down rain outside, i feel depressed, i have four tests tomorow, i'm a wreck!!!!!! sombody give me sympathy...

Troll: TLDR


Troll: Hey, I've got an idea! Why don't you kill yourself? Then you dont have to be sad, and I dont have to listen to your useless crap! Everybody wins.
by Palmwind July 10, 2008
One who intentionally posts on an internet forum to gain attention rather than contribute actual content. Some trolls may appear to contribute and may actually have meaningful posts, but the posts will be made in such a way that content is overlooked by design.

Common tactics include using an inflammatory or controversial avatar, unusual or different font, purposefully aggravating signatures. Trolls generally are not successful irl and rely on the attention received on forums to support their delicate self images.
OP : Do you think God loves us?

Forum troll post : Absolutely, I feel the love of God everyday.

SIG of Forum Troll : God likes fat chicks and smoking pole.
by Kleine Helmer August 12, 2010
A long standing troll on the Malfurion World of Warcraft realm forums.

Known for an amazing unkindness and rabid hatred of "nubs".

Often found being better than you at your own class.

Love Luck and Lollipops,

by Definitly not FT. December 27, 2009
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