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When you are fortunate enough to have that slant eye verticle slit sitting on your face or really fortunate when you are sticking it to the slant eye slit.
Last night I took out this hot chink chick for dinner and afterwards she brought me back to her place and gave me her fortune nookie for desert :)
by whitey from cuyahoga hts December 06, 2010
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That's what you get combining Chinese new year and Valentine's day.......
Do you really need one?
by Toimitus May 05, 2003
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An alternate word for happy ending at an asian message parlor
Emily- "How was your message"
Dj- "It was good i got a hand jibber at the end"
Emily- "OMG did you get a fortune cookie too?"
Dj- "Nah it was some fortune nookie"
by DTWOR November 30, 2010
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