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a long time having passed
Mary Wanna couldn't remember his name because Woodtock was forever-ago.
by dar ted December 23, 2006

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Means to have been a long time ago.
Commonly said by Green Day in the song "Whatsername" in which the lyrics "forever ago" are repeated several times.

It can also be said by stupid retards without good grammar, people too lazy to express themselves in other words, and by people who really DO feel it's been forever ago.
Person 1: Hey, has that girl you met at the DDR party called back you yet?
Person 2: Nah.... it's been forever ago; dude, she isn't calling.
by cornerofcherrystreet June 14, 2007
a term stupid people (like me) use when refering to something that happened a really really really really really long time ago
It seems like Spring Break was foreverago!
by erica10 April 26, 2007