1.) Skin that covers the head of the penis. Keeps it sensitive and ready for action.

2.) An object that inspires much debate. Uneducated trailer trash tend to hate it and are very vocal about their ignorance. Educated people tend to accept it as a part of the human body.

3.) Removed in an aesthetic procedure called circumcision which is a violation of basic human rights but accepted in the United States of America and is commonplace with the jews. Apparently god made a mistake and doesn't have the balls to admit it so he makes his followers chop it off to appease his bloodthirsty fetishes.
1.)My foreskin keeps my well oiled piston from turning into an insensitive fuck-stick.

2.) My son's penis looks better then your son's penis and he'll get laid by all the sluts!

3.) Ah ha ha, your foreskin got circumsized.
by Drealgrinnerz July 10, 2008
The revolting looking flap of skin that covers the head
of the male penis at birth.
All normal men should have this vulgar bit of skin removed.

If you were born with a big flap of skin over your head above of your neck, would you get it removed??? My point exactly...

(I thank my parents for getting me circumsized)
Girl: Oh yuk, you still have your foreskin.
Im not gonna have sex with you, grose!!!

Guy: Damn my parents for not getting that removed
when I was born. NOOO!!!
by Circumsized Guy April 12, 2006
The skin that covers and protects the head of the penis when not in use.
Lord's Higher Science, may remove the foreskin, in name only, by calling it fireskin when not so fore anymore but behind supporting the head and of its shaft then, in its turned inside out state of erection and retraction primarily intended for fornication. Manual retraction remains possible for pissin' and rinsin'.
Foreskin is to the foreign, as circumcide is to genicide, a do or die situation.
The half erect elephant, appeared already all the way out of its foreskin.
Foreskin is a girl's best friend, foreskin helps keep the dick head rather content until she is around it again, foreskin is made of carbon, carbon is used to make diamonds.
Foreskin rules and is Heaven sent, Lord prefered to make you firstly as good as you can be out of not scars but skin. Judge not the foreskin, less those pussy circumscar holes to go screw yourselves in.
Beautiful time for her special eye to see the head arise, but damn that circumcision wearing out its image at any old nonsense time so she can take it for granted and be a dumb fake ignorant slut about it, a necrophiliac attack who would stick a dead scar tissue up her crack.
He easily didn't keep his foreskin, but the stupid hoe on the jerry springer show, thought her old used twat was something to stay in only after all, she cried like a baby, she thought her worthless hole he would keep true to as valuable when he couldn't even keep his own prepuce? Get real!
Her favorite penis of all time was uncut, but she assumed it was cut, only seeing it by her crotch erect and outward, so then she was a traitor to her own baby for a foolish witchdoctor's whim, denying her son his own right to ever prove his own way out of his own manhood.
If foreskin and foreskinless can look similiar when erect, the difference upon closer inspect, is a fine final fold left of sensitive feel driving roughneck, vs. a numb flushed down scar around what dumb did to the dick. Those pornos sure showed some dishevelledly cut penises without much hope apparent to escape from their predicament, but the foreskin on those other penises sure proved consistently what bloodflow they might provide to increase the overall head size.

by Joven August 03, 2006
The foreskin prepuce is a retractable fold of skin that covers the bell end (glans) and PROTECTS it when the penis is not erect. Almost all mammals have foreskins.

Often viewed as ugly or unhygienic by circumcised men who somehow think a dry pink helmet is more attractive than a sheathed member, or uneducated american women who clearly have never heard of a daily hygiene regime ie washing.

Also attacked by religious peoples who overlook the fact that a) man was created in Gods image, which if taken to mean the physical form would strongly indicate God has a foreskin.... Is He unhygienic too?
b) If 'intelligent design' is an answer to darwinism is that a suggestion that God or other creator is a crap inventor when it comes to sexual organ engineering?
"wow how fortunate; my nice clean bell end is covered with a foreskin which not only protects it but is also thought to increase sexual pleasure for both partners by acting as a natural gliding stimulator of the vaginal walls during intercourse, increasing a woman's overall clitoral stimulation; arent I a lucky duck?"
by Bobolovski February 17, 2007
A piece of skin that covers an uncircumcised penis' head. Though it gives a male more pleasure it looks ugly.
I have a forekin that makes me feel good even though it's ugly.
by UncutGuy November 08, 2003
Piece of skin located at the tip of the penis.
Men who had that piece of their anatomy hacked off (by ignorant parents) tend to desperately rationalize it, and try to convince themselves that it is so much better not to have a whole penis, even though they can't compare. They commonly try to make it look "healthier"; consequently, over the 20th century, circumcision has been said to prevent epilepsy, deafness, masturbation, syphilis, tuberculosis, nervousness, cancer of the prostate/bladder/rectum/tongue, and a lot of other fancy diseases.
Currently some american men tend to act as if they didn't have running water to wash themselves, or as if circumcision had prevented USA from having sky high STD rates. Some american women call an uncircumcised penis "unsanitary" while pee, smegma and vaginal discharges are rotting in the folds of their stinky vagoo.
I'm sooooooooooooooooooo glad I was circumcised at birth! I'm absolutely SURE it sucks to have a foreskin!
by rommo January 07, 2011
skin on your forehead .
foreskin - the skin on your forehead .
by douche . July 17, 2008
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