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a useless piece of diseased-laden skin that covers the otherwise attractive male penis head; the World Health Organization now recommends that the foreskin be cut off to prevent the male from getting AIDs because the moist, smegma-producing cells of the inner foreskin are very receptive to the HIV virus; educated males and smart parents remove the foreskin from the penis as quickly as possible to promote health and hygiene.
Hey, doc, I dont wanna get AIDs and shit, so please get this foreskin off me right away.
by Jason Corrigan June 17, 2008
The piece of skin that covers the head of the penis and is responsible for cultivating smegma. Also when pulled over the penis head it looks like a baby bird.
Hey doctor, my foreskin looks like corn flakes.
by Strechy Foreskin January 17, 2005
An unclipped dick that looks like a fucking anteater, aarvark, this is nasty shit
your foreskin looks like a fucking aardvark
by Levi Nelson August 01, 2007
a useless piece of flesh. One who exhibits no real value as a human being, yet is often full of himself. Everyone could live without this annoying person.
JP adds little to our department. He only gets in the way, irritates everyone, and is contrary to everyone else's input. JP is such a foreskin!
by Joseph S. January 30, 2006
one word: Ghandi
He likes girls to lick it eew, thats too much
ghandi has foreskin ghandi has foreskin
by gross kid February 10, 2005
A piece of skin that covers an uncircumcised penis' head. Though it gives a male more pleasure it looks ugly.
I have a forekin that makes me feel good even though it's ugly.
by UncutGuy November 08, 2003
The revolting looking flap of skin that covers the head
of the male penis at birth.
All normal men should have this vulgar bit of skin removed.

If you were born with a big flap of skin over your head above of your neck, would you get it removed??? My point exactly...

(I thank my parents for getting me circumsized)
Girl: Oh yuk, you still have your foreskin.
Im not gonna have sex with you, grose!!!

Guy: Damn my parents for not getting that removed
when I was born. NOOO!!!
by Circumsized Guy April 12, 2006