A phase in which a couple get ready for sex. It can include kissing and touching, anywhere around the body, which will sexually arouse and stimulate the pair of lovers.

Be warned. It's hasn't got 'fore' in it for no reason. Once you start, don't stop. Unless you want everything to be fkn awkward.
Jim: "Hey Henry. How'd you and your girlfriend pan out last night? ;)"

Henry: "Ho, Jim. I was kissing her like the sexy beast I am. She began to moan, so i started touching her... ;)"


Henry: "Haha yeah. The her vag swallowed my hand and we stopped ;D"

Jim: "... D:"

Henry: "What???"
by gottaloveit. March 28, 2011
Playing with your partner sexually before sex. Usually initiated by the female and PROLONGED by them as well.
"Dawg i was finna get some ass but the bitch was was fore playin to long"
by kid June 19, 2003
Any misrepresentation about yourself for the purpose of getting laid.
The foreplay was great but I know nothing about the guy.
by S.I.B. March 16, 2014
The act of embracing a loved one or close friend after a long separation.
"Brett? Is that you?"

"Hey, what's up man? I haven't seen you in forever! Gimme some foreplay, man!"

(They embrace)
by bricklayer69sofine March 29, 2011
The bit between closing the deal and her holding up her end of the deal. A necessary evil.
"Hey, I was thinking we could go out for dinner and then maybe back to mine for some steamy sex?"

"Oooh, sounds good... you forgot to mention the foreplay though!"

"No, no I did not."
by gratedraindrop October 04, 2008
When 4 people have sexual relations.
Wife: Why don't we have foreplay?

Husband: Because you will not let me bring two other women to the house.
by Capt-Hank August 26, 2008
A gathering of people at someone's place with the purpose of getting drunk before going to bars or clubs. This makes getting drunk cheaper, and is therefore most common in places where alcohol is expensive. Not to be mixed with sexual encounter, though that is how these nights often end
I can't afford getting drunk at the bar, let's have a foreplay at my place first.
by kiara25 January 27, 2007
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