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Fooling around and such :
...without taking it too far (i.e. fucking eachother)
you dont have to be single!!!
We should get together. You know, a lil foreplay... then who knows...
by RuStY February 14, 2005
2253 1351
touching/kissing/licking each other in a stimulating manner, in order to become "turned on" before having actual sex.
person 1:so are you two like, having sex?
person 2:no, well we've done foreplay but it hasnt lead to anything yet.
by rou rou September 25, 2005
3215 939
The excuse par excellence if you are caught in the act of adultery.
Husband: YOU! What are you doing with my wife???
Adulterer: Well, seeing as I knew you were going to bone her later, I thought I would save you some trouble by doing the foreplay for you.
Husband: Oh, that's very considerate of you, old chap, you are such a true friend, etc etc
by Dr Pinch February 14, 2006
1927 1457
What is supposed to come before sex or leading up to it. Often conveniently forgotten by the male.
lisa "honey why don't you ever give me any foreplay?"
fred "what's that? oh you mean that ridiculous time-consuming event before sex? I completely forgot about it."
by darthpixie April 14, 2008
1282 882
activitites such as kissing, touching, oral sex and other means of arousal/sexual stimulation that happen before intercourse. It is meant to increase the level of arousal before the act of penetration
jane: why is intercourse with my boyfriend sometimes painfull?

mary sue: probably because you are not engaging in enough foreplay before hand as most women cannot climax from penetration alone and need other means of arousal before the fact, espicially clitoral stimulation.

jane:I see.
by carol the fabulous February 02, 2009
1009 678
The act of sexually arousing your lover before you partake in having sex. The fore is derrived from before. Usually the woman initiates it by either giving the man a handjob or a blowjob.
Before having sex Ashley was giving me a hand job then I slowly picked her up and let her do the rest.
by Big-T July 19, 2004
351 180
A phase in which a couple get ready for sex. It can include kissing and touching, anywhere around the body, which will sexually arouse and stimulate the pair of lovers.

Be warned. It's hasn't got 'fore' in it for no reason. Once you start, don't stop. Unless you want everything to be fkn awkward.
Jim: "Hey Henry. How'd you and your girlfriend pan out last night? ;)"

Henry: "Ho, Jim. I was kissing her like the sexy beast I am. She began to moan, so i started touching her... ;)"


Henry: "Haha yeah. The her vag swallowed my hand and we stopped ;D"

Jim: "... D:"

Henry: "What???"
by gottaloveit. March 28, 2011
436 312