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Filthy, onerous, really disgusting.

Foolish owners risk death.

Fuck off, Ranger Dave.

Ford owner resembles dick.
by anonymous May 23, 2003
33 45
Found on road dead.
by lola October 09, 2002
34 46
a truck you can buy when you are towing a large trailer or a big boat
person 1: dodge cries when its pulling a 10000 boat
person 2: my ford doesnt. i can tow like 3 times that and it still wont cry
by ant-tony October 28, 2009
33 46
A car,truck that is only good for changing the letters around to make "DORF"
Stupid Ford Driver 1:DUDE!GUESS WHAT DUDE!
Stupid Ford Driver 2:Dude,what dude?
Stupid Ford Driver 1:I changed the lettering around on my 1972 Ford Ranchero and now it says "DORF"!
Stupid Ford Driver 2:DUDE!SWEET DUDE!
by EvilPandaDog December 19, 2008
6 19
The best way to cross the river.
Jeff lost 14 Oxen and 34 sets of clothing trying to ford the river...and he got Typhoid.
by David Cline June 12, 2008
26 39
a rich kid who talks about getting action, but does shit
That fords gotta talk the talk and walk the walk
by BigStud99069 March 11, 2008
7 20
Ford is an American disgrace to the auto industry. Every ford's problems are circled and highlighted in blue, yet hicks and dumb bimbos constantly buy them.

Also a company that enjoys copying Dodge's styles. Ever compare a 1999 Dodge Grand Caravan (designed first) to a 1999 Ford Windstar? Aren't the similarities MIND BOGGLING!?
I was once a Ford guy, I had 2 Ford Rangers. Right after the warranty expired the engines fell out, seriously. Went out and bought a Ram and 160,000 miles and ONE transmission repair, its still with me working just as same as the day I bought it.
by EddieAtTheMorgue February 27, 2008
20 33