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When persons pretend to be friends on a regular basis so often that they actually develop a small friendship, even though they can't stand eachother. People will do this for any number of reasons, though commonly it is done to avoid drama or an ass kicking.
Chris - Dude, Abe is such a herb, you're friends with that guy?
James - Meh, it's more of a forced friendship, he's always down to be the designated driver.
Chris - What a tool!
by Flipyoutoo July 10, 2007
a situation between two people in which one forces the other to be friends, often by suggesting doing activities together that friends would do but that the other person cannot turn down without seeming rude.
I did not want to enter a forced friendship with him, so I kept making lame excuses not to hang out or invite him over.
by earthfriend November 09, 2008
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