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Something that can never be spoken about.
For Shame dude. did you ever hear don't let the dirty laundry out until you fabreezy that mess first.

For Shame man, I need to get out of this box.
by BordumBroughtMEhere May 17, 2010
used to express great discontent, dissatisfaction, disappointment, often in a funny way; usually used after someone (including oneself) has done something wrong, committed a party foul, or said something not cool (either stupid or politically incorrect)

the "a" in shame is usually stretched out, making it sound like "for shaaame"
Person A: Sign me in!
Person B: Okay, hold up.
*Person A looks at the sign in sheet*
Person A: Hey, you spelled my name wrong! For shame!!
by argonion November 22, 2006
A word for utter disblief of what just happened.
Your bro just broke a window!

you say - FORSHAME!!!!
by Rouge Ace June 06, 2005
Forshame, like fosho, fasho, or forshizzle. Meaning for sure.
~hitten up the Craigs party tonight?
-FORSHAME!! you know it!
by theLilG January 14, 2010