exclamation: for the sake of fuck.
"For fuck's sake, get off me!"
by deathtobees October 02, 2004
a term commonly used when a situation or "shituation" is unnecessary/unrequired and most displeasing.
Got home last night, yeah i was drunk, tried to break into my flat because i forgot my keys and successfully managed to smash a window over myself whilst trying to squeeze through it. Costed me 300 fucking bucks and now i have shards of glass stuck in my hair/head. FOR FUCK'S SAKE
by Mikeytoyota August 18, 2009
An exclamation often used when something is profound and makes little/no sense; Close synonym for "what the hell!?"
"For fucks sake Jacob, I can't believe you fucked Tim."
by Kristen December 01, 2003
the truth behind the meaning and origin is an exclamation of surprise, dissapointment and disgust
For fucks sake, Terry, youve gone and fucked up the whole show now you fucken idiot,
by mistrunner December 19, 2009
Another way of expressing, "God damnitt what the fuck is the deal, JESUS CHRIST!"
"For fucks sake" why does my mom have to continue to have unprotected sex with grandpa?!
by Sho-Nuff October 09, 2003
Reaction to a frustrating situation
I just spilled wine on myself at dinner...."oh for fucks sake!"
by Aces girl August 16, 2011
Used to express extreme anger at someone or something that needs to be done, or at something that happened, it doesn't piss off any religion, making it like for pete's sake except it is a much greater degree
by PISSED OFF!!!! FUUUU September 14, 2013
These other definitions are good; this seems to be primarily Scottish/British Isles; See Franco Begbie for true enlightenment
Rent boy, ya doss cunt; gies us a zigarette, fir FUCK's saik!!!
by Stan the Man December 12, 2004

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