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A foot slave or footboy is usually a male teen or older who /massages/caressess/licks/kisses/sucks the toes of his giantess/mistress
Get on the floor foot slave and suck my toes so they're nice and wet!
by Solelicker July 28, 2008
88 17
A person who is lucky enough to devote his life to worshiping his mistress' feet. He lives only to serve her feet.
Gemma had loved having her own footslave, she teased him, she whipped him for not licking her toes properly and she tortured him. But he loved being under her sweaty feet all day as he had a foot fetish.
by gemma's foot slave April 19, 2005
210 71
1. A slave who kisses and worships his master's feet upon her demand, and lives to serve her and her glorious feet.

2. Me
If I do everything my master orders me to do correcty, he will reward me by letting me worship her feet as her footslave.
by theslaveinohio June 19, 2007
48 22