to slide one's bare foot against another's foot in a lustful fashion.
Rip of those socks we're having foot sex tonight!
by footsexmaster December 15, 2010
Top Definition
The most sacred and revolutional forms of love making, involving a foot to the genitals (in a loving, affectionate matter), from one partner to the other.
Hey, baby! How about you come over here and footsex me in the ass/vaj.
by Rinjii April 25, 2010
to penetrate vaginal opening with toes or complete foot depeneding on elasticity of the vaginal walls
Do you enjoy endless nights of foot sex
by Vlad November 06, 2004
see fetish
the penetration of someones vagina by a foot, or toes.

dude~ jerry likes to have foot sex. ewwwie.
by katherine marie! =] March 08, 2006
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