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a lame excuse for men to jump on each other
tackels are another way of saying i whant you in football language
by ?@?@ April 03, 2008
A bunch of sweaty guys grabbing and jumping on each other. also refered to as an all gay gangbang
"hey do you wanna play some football" "sure but dont tell my girlfriend"
by homosexical August 15, 2008
An American pass time where men pile on top of each other while other men watch and cheer them on. It also involves some booty smacking when one man makes a touchdown.
When the quarterback touched the football to the ground and made a touchdown, his teammates ran towards him and jumped on top of him, while his coach smacked his booty on national television.
by Witless in the Bay November 29, 2007
American sport, not to be confused with pussy ass futbol (soccer). Football is a real man's game. Futbol is for foot faries who are afraid of contact sports
You wanna play soccer?
Fuck no I have male genetalia I play football.
by Not a pussy February 21, 2009
an excuse for guys to touch each other inappropriatley

a gay sport that wimps who have no other talent play

should be called "soccer"
"good job on throwing that football into the endzone" (slaps ass)
"hey, thanks!" (slaps ass back)
by the real futbol player January 24, 2009
a bunch of men scampering after the one with the brown clutch that doesn't even match their shoes
Did you catch the football?

Well, of course didn't you see everyone butt humping me??
by Ullneverknow January 03, 2008
the best game on earth. what a lot of us live for.
the only game you can crush someone and not get in trouble, football.
by football lover June 12, 2007