A game in the USA, where two teams try to move down a 100 yard field to the other team's goal by either passing the ball or running the ball given 4 downs to complete at least ten yards to continue the drive. It is a much more entertaining and better sport than the other football played in other countries, and the other football is only popular because they haven't been introduced to a real sport with physical contact and the lack of short-shorts. AL 90 AND MATTHEW ARE JUST A FEW ENGLISH RETARDS WHO CAN'T HANDLE A SPORT THAT INVOLVES TOUGHNESS, CONTACT, AND TACKLING. IT'S BASICALLY LIKE RUGBY BUT BETTER!
AL 90: Hey mate, why don't we drink some tea and watch men run around in short-shorts kicking a ball for three straight hours.

Matthew: Good idea chap, but I've found out a better sport also called football that's in America! It involves more than just kicking a ball! You actually do OTHER things too, and people get to knock the crap out of other people when you tackle them!

AL 90: but hitting hurts and I like watching men in short- shorts.

Matthew: Men in short shorts it is!
by The American Matt November 27, 2006
A game where a bunch of grown men run around a field for 90 minutes. By the way it isn't a sport either, "running" at 5 mph does not show athleticism.
The football game is tonight.
by DC10 dude November 05, 2014
A Xanax pill.
Named such because .25, .5, .1 mg dose pills take the shape of miniature footballs.
Person 1: Yo can you get me a couple footballs?
Person 2: Yah be right there, how big?
Person 1: 3 .5s. Thanks dawg.
by collegekid420 October 06, 2011
The best and most popular game in the world but the americans for some reason call it soccer wtf is soccer it was originally called footbal so american should call it that and call american footbal tackleball besides american football sounds like your trying to own the sport
everybody loves football, hey lets play some footbal and if you call football soccer your stupid so get it right
by Liverpool fan December 28, 2009
Football, the great american sport.

Football is played with your hands, your foot, your entire body and your brain.

The 'Football' or ball is an oval ball designed for the most advanced aerodynamics to increase the perfection of throwing distance, speed, rotating (spiral) and precision.

High School Football
College Football (NCAA)
Pro Football (NFL)

It's the world's most beautiful, exciting, technical and strategical sport in the world with each team having an offense and defense team and each of them having a lot of specific formations and plays.

A "Play" is the actual move the teams do and there is large variety of "Plays" and "Formations" and each team has their own.They are listed in the Playbooks and describe and show the move and how it has to be done.

The basic and most important target of Football for the offense is to gain yards, touchdowns and the field goals to win the game.But also not to lose yards.
The defense on the other side, has to read the offense and keep 'em away of gaining yards and/or make it to the end zone.

Football and Soccer

In the states european football is called soccer and it's pretty hated.What europeans call American Football, is just called 'Football' in the states.
:It's football time!
:Yeah, we're gonna win this ball game!
:Like always, the field is ours.

American: You're gonna go to the ball game on friday with us?
European: What's a ball game?
American: Eh...Football????
by QBSuperstar September 08, 2013
A sport which the point of the game is to get the Stewie Griffin head- shaped ball to the endzone for points by carrying or passing the ball. In the end whoever has the most points wins. NFL (National Football League) is a company that makes football teams all across America and puts games on television. The sport requires lots of padding as there is lots of tackling involved. To play you'll need this gear: Cup, Briefs(Jockstrap or compression shorts), Girdle, Football pants with thigh and knee pads, Cleats, shoulder pads, a jersey, and a helmet, mouthguard and chinstrap. Usually played by men.
Jillian: Hey I heard that hot guy Dylan is playing football for the school this year!
Lindsay: Yeah! He's trying out for quarterback!
Jillian: I'm so excited to cheer for him!
by FootballGuy July 16, 2012
the most exciting game on earth. the game can end up both teams having no scores or if lucky maybe it will reach the score of 3 or 2.

the better you act, the more times you can get some penalty kicks.

it is very exciting, you can watch it and take a nap and when you wake up both teams still don't have any scores
football fan #1: dang, i was not able to watch the game last night. people said it was very exciting

football fan #2: geez man you stupid. the game was intense, no one scored until the last minute. my boy del mundo did his thing, he acted like his balls were kicked, he looked like he was in deep pain and so they got a penalty kick and scored and they won. woo hoo! i love this shit
by iWontUseMyRealName2 August 01, 2011
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