A game in the USA, where two teams try to move down a 100 yard field to the other team's goal by either passing the ball or running the ball given 4 downs to complete at least ten yards to continue the drive. It is a much more entertaining and better sport than the other football played in other countries, and the other football is only popular because they haven't been introduced to a real sport with physical contact and the lack of short-shorts. AL 90 AND MATTHEW ARE JUST A FEW ENGLISH RETARDS WHO CAN'T HANDLE A SPORT THAT INVOLVES TOUGHNESS, CONTACT, AND TACKLING. IT'S BASICALLY LIKE RUGBY BUT BETTER!
AL 90: Hey mate, why don't we drink some tea and watch men run around in short-shorts kicking a ball for three straight hours.

Matthew: Good idea chap, but I've found out a better sport also called football that's in America! It involves more than just kicking a ball! You actually do OTHER things too, and people get to knock the crap out of other people when you tackle them!

AL 90: but hitting hurts and I like watching men in short- shorts.

Matthew: Men in short shorts it is!
by The American Matt November 27, 2006
Nuclear retardation diesease where foot grows out of testi satchel
My uncle went to chernobyl and came back with a bad case of foot ball.
by General Asswipe July 06, 2006
the best sport of all time and im talking about american football not that soccer crap
NFL is football
by thatAMERICAN May 22, 2015
A sport played mostly by egotistic assholes.
Man look at how buff I am because of football.
by Carl_Doee May 25, 2013
Is a game where players get paid for simulating injuries and best rolls on the floor.
It's also known as the bank, as the players get paid millions of dollars, although the world is in crisis and people who work their ass off every day of their life, don't even earn enough money to survive.
A: will you watch football today?
B: naah I'm tired of watching the professional "fallersontheground"

A: hey they offered Ronaldo almost a milliard worth contract to switch teams! His pinky is worth my whole life salary.
B: and all he does is change his earrings, do some tricks, laugh to the cameras, act arrogant and occasionally give money to poor (although he never really faced that) for people to think that he has a good soul and deserves to cost more money than there even is on earth.

football ronaldo money ball fake rich poor million
by grumpyme February 21, 2013
A game where a bunch of grown men run around a field for 90 minutes. By the way it isn't a sport either, "running" at 5 mph does not show athleticism.
The football game is tonight.
by DC10 dude November 05, 2014
Football is the best sport in the history of man, not including wizarding sports like Quidditch. For U.S.A users, it's soccer. You kick a ball into a net, and shout and scream for the rest of the match because you scored.
Guy 1: Hey, I scored a goal in football today!
Guy 2: Well, I scored ten goals in my football match!
by old handle July 04, 2014
A £ multi-billion industry based around 20 overpaid tribal heroes kicking a ball around, as in the grounds thousands of semi-evolved, illiterate grunting beasts attempt to kick the living shit out of eachother.

These Mongo Retardopithicus footballii are tribal creatures, easily regognised by their sloping forheads, prominant brow-ridges, shaven heads, vulgar and garish gold sovereign rings and the finest chunky gold chains that Argos can supply as well as their tribal war-paint.

They are a primitive people, who worship the Sun (especially page 3 ). Most are incapable of using words of over 2 sylables ( foot-ball, mon-go, rooo-knee, ga-zza, lar-gah, be'-kham ) the only exception being their legendary spiritual home, the mythical Ing-Gerr-Laaaand. Each tribe slavishly worshipping a tribal god-icon and it's associated 12 warrior- heroes,or 'Teeems. Usually, these tribes are blood enemies ( Chel-see tribe strong, kill Ars-nal tribe, ug! ) , fighting vicious battles over the ritualised tribal war carried out by the Teeems These battles invariably end up in local human population centres being damaged ( 'Mongo's Teeem is lose, Mongo smash up town, ug!' or, conversely 'Mongo's Teeem is win, Mongo smash up town, ug!' )
Every 4 years however, the tribes of Ing Gerr-Laaaand come together for a month-long frenzy of obsessive stupidity.
Thanks the goddess it only happens every 4 years.
At the mention of the sacred word 'football' the assembled primitives began to hoot and beat their chests excitedly, this soon resulted in the entire town centre being destroyed.
by Kynth November 30, 2011

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