A game in the USA, where two teams try to move down a 100 yard field to the other team's goal by either passing the ball or running the ball given 4 downs to complete at least ten yards to continue the drive. It is a much more entertaining and better sport than the other football played in other countries, and the other football is only popular because they haven't been introduced to a real sport with physical contact and the lack of short-shorts. AL 90 AND MATTHEW ARE JUST A FEW ENGLISH RETARDS WHO CAN'T HANDLE A SPORT THAT INVOLVES TOUGHNESS, CONTACT, AND TACKLING. IT'S BASICALLY LIKE RUGBY BUT BETTER!
AL 90: Hey mate, why don't we drink some tea and watch men run around in short-shorts kicking a ball for three straight hours.

Matthew: Good idea chap, but I've found out a better sport also called football that's in America! It involves more than just kicking a ball! You actually do OTHER things too, and people get to knock the crap out of other people when you tackle them!

AL 90: but hitting hurts and I like watching men in short- shorts.

Matthew: Men in short shorts it is!
#football #america #contact #game #awesome
by The American Matt November 27, 2006
A popular sport in which men in tight pants and cups around their penises tackle and spank each other.
Chad spanked Patrick after he was tackled by the other team during the football game.
#jockstraps #ass #spank #penis #sport
by Tyler P. February 26, 2008
Slang term for xanax (alprazolam)simply because of their shape .5mg = peach football 1mg = blue football
"Yo i just picked up a buncha xanax if u need any.."
"What u got the bars?"
"Nah just some blue footballs but theyll do the trick."
#xanax #xany's #bars #alprazolam #benzos
by F4SN8R August 27, 2007
a lame excuse for men to jump on each other
tackels are another way of saying i whant you in football language
#love #gay #fag #men #yuk
by ?@?@ April 03, 2008
A bunch of sweaty guys grabbing and jumping on each other. also refered to as an all gay gangbang
"hey do you wanna play some football" "sure but dont tell my girlfriend"
#football #tackleball #american football #gay #orgy
by homosexical August 15, 2008
An American pass time where men pile on top of each other while other men watch and cheer them on. It also involves some booty smacking when one man makes a touchdown.
When the quarterback touched the football to the ground and made a touchdown, his teammates ran towards him and jumped on top of him, while his coach smacked his booty on national television.
#rugby #sports #nfl #soccer #superbowl
by Witless in the Bay November 29, 2007
American sport, not to be confused with pussy ass futbol (soccer). Football is a real man's game. Futbol is for foot faries who are afraid of contact sports
You wanna play soccer?
Fuck no I have male genetalia I play football.
#futbol #soccer #pussies #euro fags #men
by Not a pussy February 21, 2009
the best game on earth. what a lot of us live for.
the only game you can crush someone and not get in trouble, football.
#awsome #smashind #crushing #winning #risk
by football lover June 12, 2007
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