Foot fetish is when you have a strong obsession and desire for feet. You only think about feet, and you only look at people's feet. Males tend to have foot fetish more often than females.
Samantha always walks around barefoot, and she always has her toenails painted. Her feet are so sexy... all I want to do is make love to them. I must have foot fetish.
by Seth March 26, 2004
A man who gets sexually aroused by a woman's feet, visually, smell etc... has a foot fetish.
Mostly a fantasy and some women find it strange while others enjoy having their toes sucked, licked and massaged.
I have a foot fetish but I only suck on clean freshly washed feet... why? Because bacteria on our skin feed on our sweat and that smell is their waste.
by Mr. D3! February 06, 2010
Every part of the female body except for underarms can turn a man on. That includes feet sometimes. God made us. He formed the woman.
I have a female fetish
by Veuve Clicquot Champagne February 18, 2004
An attraction to females feet, toes, anything assocaited with the human barefoot. This fetish is mostly more assciated with boys attrated to females feet, becuase they always paint ther toe nails and they always wear sexy tight small revealing sandals or high heals. You can tell if you have one if you think females feet are sexy and if you have a desire to suck, lick, message. Really i dont know what girl wouldnt like a guy licking and sucking there toes and feet.
I oggled and watched as she walked by with cute painted toes wrapped in a tight high heels, i could almost smell those sexy things they were so close. I imagined me thrusting my toungue across/between her foot. If you experience at least one of these you have a completely normal foot fetish, God created you like this and he doesnt make mistakes so its normal and many people have this.
by urmom100 April 16, 2006
The deep admiration or attraction to feet.

The top definition makes no sense, 'bare' feet, that is incorrect, as it is only a fraction of what the fetish consists of. It could mean you have an deep attraction towards feet in certain shoes, feet popping out of certain shoes, feet in nylons or pantyhose, etc. I know this from personal experience that 'I', a person with the fetish, for the most part do not find women's bare feet attractive.

Most of the time, males are the most common gender to have the fetish. Sometimes females, but it is somewhat uncommon.
Examples of Foot Fetishism would be:

Fetishist speaking to another: "Hey Dan, did you see Annie's feet in class earlier, when she was heelpopping?"

Dan: "Oh my god, I loved seeing that arch, it got be so hard, you bet I saw it."
by dogergene February 05, 2014
A Foot Fetish is an erotic fondness for feet. There are parties which cater to this such as foot worship party london.
Worship the feet of 30 girls in 1 night at Europes hottest foot fetish party in REAL LIFE.
by Foot Worship Party London September 08, 2010
When a male has a overwhelming desire to interact with someone's feet.
Girl 1. "Ugh. He is so wierd he keeps messing with my feet."
Girl 2. "He must have a foot fetish."
by Anamenobodyelseisusing March 07, 2011
Creepy old men will seriously pay me money on a website to watch my feet... I make 5 dollars a minute, WTF is hot about feet???

I feel there is no reason to explain further.
Hey man I really want to rub off on your feet because I have a foot fetish.
by Matthew Alex October 20, 2011

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