A slang word for describing a person as a legend based on the fact that a foot is a leg end.
"Dude, did you hear what Dave did? He's such a foot!"
by Ciab September 09, 2006
used as a PROPELLOR in the first and second Crimeon Wars. Was not discarded until the finger was used as a device to pleasure hungry women. They like it up 'em they do!!
Give us a lift mister, we'll be ever so proud if your foot would propell us onwards. If not Fuck Off!
by charle Paterson January 21, 2004
A reference to fast-food fish product when covered in malt vinegar. Identified as foot due to the close aromatic approximation of a human foot in a high-top sneaker for at least 6 hours.
Man! I needin' to get to LJS and get me some foot.
by Etti October 20, 2003
a diffrent wording of herpes. a foot is also a mesurement.
look bob has a foot of herpes on his penis he must of slep with that slut womnda again
by flip December 06, 2002
Disgusting extra objects on the end of a human beings leg. Should be removed and people can just have nubs when they are "bare-ankled." People can just be like "Bratz" dolls otherwise.

Oh my god, that foot totally just touched me dude! They are so nasty!!!
by Super Turtle June 12, 2008
Something that is smelly, hairy, and hard to carry. um, something you WALK on? God dont WALK wit me, he CARRY me dawg.
One foot in front of the other..
by Emily December 18, 2003
When someone is really ugly, they can be described as a foot.

When you're feeling really rough.
Dunny: Hey did you see that ugly girl last night?
Mutt: Yeah, she looked like a foot

Tum: I shouldn't have drank so much last night, I feel like a foot.
by DJsprout May 31, 2015

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