In boxing/martial arts: one of the weapons of the naked human body. The foot has several prominent striking surfaces in the heel, the ball of foot, the blade (side of foot), and the top (instep). Because of the relative interchangeability with the top of foot (instep), and the shin-bone, the shin and foot are lumped in the same strata as kicking attacks (feet) are known.

The foot is a very misunderstood weapon as far as martial arts go. Generally, the effecient useage of the foot is to strike lower body targets (shin, groin, knee, foot, stomach). However, the range of the foot combined with the power of leg-muscle covers a vast distance that provides alot of stopping power. Depending on the executor of a kicking attack, striking any known bodily target of a standing human is not beneath the foot's documented useage.
The foot is one of many weapons to the true fighter; especially an unarmed one.
by Berginnator August 15, 2006
When you insert your foot into a woman's vagina
I footed Maggie so hard.
by Footmasters February 06, 2011
The lowest extremety of the human body. Contains 26 bones. Major bones include: Talus(ankle), Calcenous(heel bone)Tarsal, Cuneiforms, Metatarsals(instep bones) and Phalanges(toe bones).Contains ligaments, muscle tendons,nerves. *(Sole is made mostly of hardened fat to prevent shock when walking,running,jogging etc....).
by o.rangel17 July 14, 2009
A person that generally gets used on a regular basis, or is an overall mark. This person also packs fudge very often. This can also just be an insult for whatever you like. And last but not least the person your saying to it may actually look like a Big Toe on a Foot.
"Dude, why is Jake such a Foot?" "Because he is a frickin' fudgepacker mark."

"Wow why did you say I was late to class? Stop being a foot."
by Gauche Assassin November 30, 2011
Someone who is pretty much completely awesome. Derives from the word legend, and its alternate form leg-end, one's 'foot' being the end of their leg.
Guy: Woah, does Henry have a Linkin Park t-shirt?

Man: Gee, he is such a foot. I wish I was like him.
by MisterManji April 25, 2011
a new sexual move, like head in the way it is named after the part of the body. to give foot is fingering someone, with your toes.
Girl 1: What happened?
Girl 2: Nothing, unless you count the foot.
Girl 1: Well i've heard of head, but i've never heard of foot.
by Al!S0N February 17, 2009
a device used for finding legos in the dark
My foot found a lego last night, and i screamed like a sissy!
by Addy Yuki April 23, 2013

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