Creepy old men will seriously pay me money on a website to watch my feet... I make 5 dollars a minute, WTF is hot about feet???

I feel there is no reason to explain further.
Hey man I really want to rub off on your feet because I have a foot fetish.
by Matthew Alex October 20, 2011
Arousal derived from seeing or interacting with (Er... In various possible ways...) feet. Not just limited to female feet, as all these other definitions would have one believe.
Jud gets off on licking his boyfriend's feet, so he pretty clearly has a foot fetish.
by Judecca Adlehnder Gunner March 16, 2006
a guy who loves generally female feet but sometimes gets turned on by male feet as well.
a guy has a foot fetish if he suppresses his desire to look at other guys feet in the locker room or his roommate's feet because they turn him on but generally love female feet.
by footguy August 21, 2009
obssesion with a whores feet and not her boobs.
can i lick your toes baby?
by Galebria December 06, 2003
undue attraction to feet; something you find ridiculous unless you have it
I don't understand a foot fetish because feet are the least attractive part of the female body. Even when shaking hands with a girl would give me a rock hard boner, feet did nothing for me.

Man 1 and Man 2 are standing on the boardwalk when a hot girl walks by
Man 1 looks at her face, boobs, ass, and legs as she walks by
Man 2 stares at her feet only as she passes
Man 1 notices Man 2 and thinks "what the fuck?"
Man 2 has a foot fetish and needs help
by Anon Son March 30, 2008

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