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a more hilarious form of funny.
used to make fun of something that is defenitly NOT funny.
Saying it more then once (ex: FOONAH! FOONAH!) increases the level of sarcasm.
Also, if you put tres in front of it, (ex: that was tres foonah) you can go to a level of foonah, never reached before. But, you must say tres very quietly, to keep it on th DL.
Foon is a shortening of foonah in case you are to lazy to say the real word.
1. jerry: so then he was like "no way!"

2. Me: that was *whisper* tres *stops whisper* foonah!
by gfhghhd November 23, 2006

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In french, It means "You have a nice ass". XD

In Americanese, it means funny. Duh. Douches...
American boy: Foonah.

French Bitch: You hoe. *slap*

American boy: Oww.
by YouR Mothherr February 23, 2008