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fookin is a nick-name that was given to a man from Ohio. He is the leader of a xboxlive clan that is one of the best clans in the world. His gamertag on xboxlive is TDA FOOKIN HC. He is the founder of The Devils Advocates. I heard that he got his name originaly from playing paintball, apparantly he was a one man machine and took out 9 other people. When the players got shot they went back to a neutral zone and stated they got shot by fookin ed. Come to find out this guy is an underground celebrity in no submission fighting around Cleveland and bankrolled some major cash, never losing a fight. People that met him say that he is a funny s.o.b. but they know he could break them in about 5 seconds. Fookin dissapeared from the fighting scene and resurfaced on xboxlive. All I can say is that if you ever talk with him be nice. That is the myth of FOOKIN. In order to earn the definition you have to take it away from the original FOOKIN. Good Luck
FOOKIN is the baddest underground fighter alive.
by call it the way I see it November 10, 2006
12 47
A flexible adjective used primarily to describe prawns and other humanoid extraterrestrial life. And some other things too, if you're from South Africa.
That fookin prawn just ate some fookin cat food!
by Wikus Van De Merwe February 16, 2010
207 69
The result of someone with a Mancunian accent trying to say the word 'fucking'
"Oi, ya fookin' bastard ya!
by Martin Thomas July 09, 2003
76 44
The oh-so-cooler way to say fucking, not as a verb, but as an adjective/adverb.
Person 1: Bish, are you fo' real?!

by Christian Waters October 08, 2006
31 17
All you can eat Chinese buffet in Belfast. "It's only a fookin' fiver!"
Richard: "Oh, lets have some lunch".
Ciara: "OK... where?"
Richard: "I know - Fookin".
Ciara: "Great - let's go!"
Vicki: "I like ducks."
by Peanutter December 04, 2007
9 13