someone who is unsocial and likes to make quiet creature sounds
Jennifer Stafanto is reading emails like a foog
by Emily220 April 15, 2011
Top Definition
One who is cool/fly. The opposite to a goof. Someone that is awesome, something they do that is awesome, a place that is awesome, just all round awesome.
girl: oh boy, you're so foog!

boy: doesn't that mean goofy backwards?
girl: no, its the opposite, duh
by caramelbear94 June 20, 2011
The female version of goof.
A girl who thinks she is the shit of all shit when in reality she is nothing but a useless cunt that everyone hates.

She's a girl who also goes out of her way to harm her friends and doesn't care about family.

A girl who birds, tells stories, tells peoples secrets ,"throws people under the bus" but when caught and approached later she completely denies it all
"Meg told Ivy everything we all planned, what a foog! "
by MrsRabbitxo June 07, 2016
The opposite of a goof.

Someone who is very cool.
Porsche is such a foog!!!
by kaisky501 June 05, 2011
An explicit expression that is synonymous to "fuck" but is used to not get in trouble. Usually said quickly to give a funny twist to it.
"I was talking to this girl and she said did i wanna date her so I said foog it."
by J.1 May 11, 2010
A Boston Terrier with a unique capacity for shivering.
Spanky is such a foog.
by Aaron Allen Scott February 06, 2008
Well, duh! It's 'goof' spelled backwards.
1. When someone is being silly or annoying, put it simply, as not to offend..."Foog".
by Spanky April 05, 2004
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