When you poop, a food baby comes out.

Dude, your food baby stopped up the terlit!
I know... I ate a giant burrito yesterday and some hummus. The labor lasted at least half an hour. I needed an epidural.
#food baby #poop #pooping #toilet #shitting #crapping #bowel movement
by Evian Bidet April 25, 2008
1. A food baby is what happens after all the food you eat is digested and comes out of your butthole, this "food baby" then continues feeding others, in many different ways.
Dude #1: "Man, you ate so much Taco Bell earlier!"
Dude #2: "I'm definatly going to have a food baby soon."
Dude #3: "Don't forget to spray!"
#turd #poo #poop #cosby kids #deuce
by nofxorelse June 27, 2006
A food baby is the result of gastrointestinal gestation of food which results in you giving birth to a massive turd which may result in an anal fissure.
"Nick got taco drunk last night, and he has spent the last 20 minutes in labor pushing out his foodbaby."
by Gaff Stabb April 11, 2016
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