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an abundant source in the US in which its variables and easy availability have caused an epidemic of obesity and bad relationships with food
Food is treacherous! Quod me nutruit me DESTRUIT!!!
by Stacy June 06, 2003
21 28
The number one nourishment of #asr.
Hey, it's FOOD! time.
by Shiny November 10, 2004
3 11
A very delicious substance made up of whatever it is you are eating.
Damn I'm hungry, I need some FOOD!
by Amer December 15, 2002
7 17
Stuff you can eat and do stuff
Steve ate food. He at really good food
by Zekk March 29, 2005
7 22
i want somthin 2 eat now... need food
who ever doesnt like food is realy disturbed
pizze, spageti, chilli cheese dog
oh gr8 now im freakin starvin
by sky June 15, 2004
8 26
slang term for sex
man, i had some awesome food last night. it was very tasty
by Nat Conway April 14, 2004
13 41
Fattening, gross, disgusting, evil.
Food is my enemy.
by w May 23, 2003
17 78