Food is the best thing ever. You eat food not matter what mood you're in and it's most peoples best friend... Food is love, food is life. The thing that makes people happiest. Food is peoples first love
If I could marry food I would because god damn does it make me happy.
by ImYourQueenBitches July 16, 2014
A hybrid of dude, spelled 'dood,' - as it is commonly spelled in electronic communication between hipsters (via but not limited to text message, skype, gchat and for the more ironic folk, aim and prodigy) - and fool.
Don't be such a food.
You best stop jo actin' like a food ya heya?
by trulyhung June 17, 2013
The meaning of life, apart from sex. It keeps you alive and such. The flavors of good food have a seductive quality that puts the mind at ease and lets you forget about stupid shit, such as your girlfriend being incredibly demanding and on her period. Come on now, what gets you through every day besides a good meal and (especially if you actually cook it) the promise of getting laid?
I gave her food and she gave me a blowjob in return. It was tasty for the both of us!
by MasterDisaster December 30, 2012
1.Jessica : I love food

Giorgina : Me too .
Jamie : lets go get food .

2.Giorgina : Im hungry
Jamie: Me too

Jessica : lets go get food
by August 09, 2012
A term used when there is nothing else to be said because of the stupidity of the phrase or sentence that just came out of the persons mouth.
Leah: wow i cant believe its hot this time of year in florida.

Jim: Thats food.
by westport18 March 08, 2011
Person 1: *chomp chomp chomp* How are people anorexic? Food is LIFE!

Person 2: They probably aren't human. *chomp chomp chomp*
by jujujuniperju February 12, 2010
a wonderful solid and/or liquid that is usually consumed by living things.
"hay dog let's go get some food which we will consume and relese back into the world in one to two days."

by Tisha Oyakawa December 21, 2008

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