Food is crack cocaine. You cook crack like you cook food on the stove. You need crack to survive like you need food. Therefore, we say food instead of crack
"do u do food?"
"do u have food"
by jahBless July 06, 2006
That which nouriches the body, spirit, soul!
Art is the food of my life and sustains me.
by Lady Spirit April 27, 2006
a word to describe complete happiness.

the most amazing thing you will ever put in your mouth.
sometimes takes place of sex or boyfriends.
unthinkable, delicious, sensual, yummerific
i dumped him for food
by dasauceboss June 14, 2011
Junk you eat, fill up, poo out, and live for another day. tastes good. Can't seem to escape food anywhere you go.
I need some/a ***...

***food, fud, grub, bite, chomp chomp, chuck, drink, eats, edible, fare, feed, fodder, goodies, grit, meal, meat, mess, muckamuck, stuffin, ration, grizzle, munchies, tidbits, cuisine, noddy, nutriment, nutrition, pabulum, burger, provision, refreshment, slop, snack, take out, tuck, chow, vittles.

by Mickgriddle November 07, 2006
something fat people enjoy
fat kid:yay food
mom:dont get to happy
(10seconds later)
fat kid:can i have a snack

gets a snack every 10 secends
by mr.butbottum December 06, 2009
The best motherfucking creation that was ever thought of because everyone loves it ❤️
I need some gosh damn food
by Jackfuck1 December 01, 2014
Food is the best thing ever. You eat food not matter what mood you're in and it's most peoples best friend... Food is love, food is life. The thing that makes people happiest. Food is peoples first love
If I could marry food I would because god damn does it make me happy.
by ImYourQueenBitches July 16, 2014

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