a word to describe complete happiness.

the most amazing thing you will ever put in your mouth.
sometimes takes place of sex or boyfriends.
unthinkable, delicious, sensual, yummerific
i dumped him for food
by dasauceboss June 14, 2011
Food is the code word for Crack Cocaine. There are many different code/street words for Crack. It is the most common one used in Edmonton, Alberta.
It lets dealers ask people on the side of the street if they want to buy some, without being too obvious to any cops or anyone that doesn't know they're using code.
Dealer: "You need some food?"
Random Person 1: "Nah, dude, I'm good. Got plenty of groceries at home."
Random Person 2: "He was talking about crack dude."
Random Person 1: "Damnit."
by katjaymes January 26, 2011
Crack cocaine, street term
Hey bud, Need some food?
by Dave Q. Jones October 21, 2006
Junk you eat, fill up, poo out, and live for another day. tastes good. Can't seem to escape food anywhere you go.
I need some/a ***...

***food, fud, grub, bite, chomp chomp, chuck, drink, eats, edible, fare, feed, fodder, goodies, grit, meal, meat, mess, muckamuck, stuffin, ration, grizzle, munchies, tidbits, cuisine, noddy, nutriment, nutrition, pabulum, burger, provision, refreshment, slop, snack, take out, tuck, chow, vittles.

by Mickgriddle November 07, 2006
Something you eat and crap out the next day
Hey I just ate food and I'm gonna crap it out tomorrow
something fat people enjoy
fat kid:yay food
mom:dont get to happy
(10seconds later)
fat kid:can i have a snack

gets a snack every 10 secends
by mr.butbottum December 06, 2009
Drugs, usually heroin!
Feds pulled me over and i had to dash my food
by RecklessReese June 25, 2009
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