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the solution to all of women's problems.
woman: Im ugly
My boyfriend dumped me
My job sucks
Everyone hates me
Im on my period
I have acne
I scare little kids
Food: Im here for you babe!!
by Boominspeakers July 24, 2012
A slang term referering to Crack Cocaine.

The need of all living things.
Yo bro, you got any "food"?

I feel hungry, so I shall eat some food.
by Jenny Bo Benny November 28, 2010
Food?!?! Where?!?
Now i want some food.
by Li was here May 13, 2003
Food is the code word for Crack Cocaine. There are many different code/street words for Crack. It is the most common one used in Edmonton, Alberta.
It lets dealers ask people on the side of the street if they want to buy some, without being too obvious to any cops or anyone that doesn't know they're using code.
Dealer: "You need some food?"
Random Person 1: "Nah, dude, I'm good. Got plenty of groceries at home."
Random Person 2: "He was talking about crack dude."
Random Person 1: "Damnit."
by katjaymes January 26, 2011
The opposite to shit. Shit is bad, FOOD is good.
"Dude, that was fucking FOOD!"
by DaveKurtandFaye February 28, 2010
1. The kind you eat. =|

2. Slang for drugs.

3. Some people refer to bitches as "Food"
1. Damn man I'm hungry, lets go to McDonalds and get some food.

2. Yo you got the "food"?

3. The dudes is a bitchass nigga, he food man, fuck em'
by JP11 August 23, 2007
Crack cocaine, street term
Hey bud, Need some food?
by Dave Q. Jones October 21, 2006