some people use it as a derogatory term. Referring to someone they consider a bitch/pussy.
"all ya'll niggas is food!"
by blaze2222 February 04, 2009
British slang for weed or skunk.
Person A: Yo you got any food cuz?
Dealer: No go fuck your mum.
by Dizzle-2008 August 13, 2008
substance used for partially consuming and then regurgitating to your young. Also used to stop the hookworm infestation.
Nama, can i chew some "food?"
Nama, we need some "food" to stop the hookworm infestation.
by Mr.ExCoachBrianBrown February 05, 2008
Only the best thing in the fucking world.
Not only is it good, but it makes your tummy feel good.
Plus you can't live without it, that's how fucking great it is.
Guy 1: Would you rather date Megan Fox, or have endless supply of food?
Guy 2: Megan Fox .. LOL jk, food ftw. ;)

Guy: I'm hungry.
Girl: Eat some food!
Guy: Good idea make me a sandwich bitch.

Girl: I'm gonna go eat some yummy food.
Stomach: YAY!
Tastebuds: YUM!
by im fucking hungry August 09, 2010
the solution to all of women's problems.
woman: Im ugly
My boyfriend dumped me
My job sucks
Everyone hates me
Im on my period
I have acne
I scare little kids
Food: Im here for you babe!!
by Boominspeakers July 24, 2012
Code word used by the Bloods gang to refer to victims, or future to-be victims.
"Yo, if you FOOD, you on the menu, that mean you gettin cooked up cut up and served up"
by jiimmee August 29, 2009
A common texting mistake on smartphones: a user may type food instead of good (auto-correct immune).

It has now become mainstream, people opting to use the word food as an adjective instead of good.
"Raz is a real food guy"

"How food is the weather today?!"
by Wildcard Sam May 15, 2014
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