Actually a legal and vital life drug, even if it's not recognised as one, it's still technically one.

DEFINITION OF DRUG: "Any substance intended to affect the structure or any function of the body of humans or other animals."

You need FOOD, a substance, to function therefore it is a drug, and it can change the structure of your body too, literally.

Like other drugs; food can be addictive. Just look at obese people, and like other drugs, it can be avoided. Just look at anorexics.

For some people, eating can make you feel happy, and like all drugs and over-dosing; over-eating leads to negative consequences (obesity, which can mean heart diseases, etc.)

People need food like pothead needs weed, like perverts need sex, and like alcoholics need vodka and whiskey.
by Ben (Reprography) December 17, 2008
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a substance you eat,then poop out.usually followed my a nap.
hungry.....need food....
by fungie May 19, 2004
Food: as in what models dont eat
Hey want some food?
Oh. It has too many calories for me.
by Your Mom June 15, 2006
1) A substance with which to sustain life through nutrition. To utilize food, place it in your mouth and repeatedly move the lower jaw up and down in relation to the rest of the head. If the food comes to rest in an area of the moth that is not accessible to the chewing mechanisms (teeth), you may have to use the in-mouth food relocator (known as the tongue) to change the position of the food with respect to the teeth. After the food has reached a finely divided consistency, you can use the tongue to push the food down into the stomach.
2) When translated into huttese, an expletive.
3) A word signifying something to be processed - as in "food for thought".
1) Mmm, this pizza is some good food.
2) Bantha Poodoo!
3) That's certainly food for thought.
by Toba October 01, 2004
An edible substance which comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, flavours etc. What all living organisms need to survive.
I eat therefore I am.
by Mr Munchkins July 17, 2005
A code word for weed, use it when your mum is in the room...widely used in a group of my friends.

Usually very difficult for "the man" to decipher if its used correctly (correct use shown below).
Stoner 1 "Dude, I'm starving, let's get some food"
Stoner 2 "Yeah, there's this great food shop down my road, let's go eat till we're sick"
by Ben Tricarico April 18, 2005
Made for eating. That's it.
If you get some food, here's an idea: Try eating it instead of throwing it at someone. Maybe then all of the work put into preparing your lunch for your greedy ass wouldn't be in vain.
Food is crack cocaine. Being hungry, is craving food, is craving CRACK.
"What do you chop ?"
"Chronic and food."
by io September 29, 2005

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