After eating an excessive amount of food, becoming so full that you appear and feel pregnant, past the point of a single food baby, you have developed food twins.
Fatty 1: "I ate so many chili cheese fries and cupcakes I got a food baby."
Fatty 2: "Dude, you think thats bad, I ate so many hot dogs I'm starting to think I have food twins."
by littlegreenie March 16, 2009
Top Definition
Term used to express the gluttonous over-consumption of food wherein the level of consumption is sufficiently morbid to eclipse the quantity of a regular food baby.
*Fraternal food twins - eating two large but distinct meals in quick succession, resulting in two food babies
"Oh man, i ate soooo much. Forget a food baby, I think i'm carrying food twins!"
by Nickcarraway16 January 19, 2009
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